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 Solutions I provide for my valuable clients. 

Learn how:

Improved Blood health and powerful anti-oxidants can improve your Blood circulation

How diabetes causes Neuropathy

How to prevent Gangrene

How to treat Gangrene

How to follow Nutritional guides

Unlock your path to wellness and take control of your diabetes, with these simple yet powerful tips for a healthier life!

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Rewind & Pause ! Transform your health and rewrite your story from sickness to vitality with one small step at a time.  Understand the importance of anti- oxidants and flavonoids and their role in turning glucose into energy.

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The sky is the limit! Live a happy life!

The key to a happy and healthy life as a diabetic is taking control of your health and embracing a positive, balanced lifestyle .

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Do it like the Professionals

Control and eliminate Blood sugar spikes. Learn what spikes blood sugar, what lowers blood sugar. Know what your lower glycemic-index foods are. Prevent blood sugar spikes and at the same time reduce the chance of hardening and narrowing blood vessels.

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There is a natural way

How important is Yarrow blooms, bitter melon, juniper berries ,Banaba leaf and white mulberry for the diabetic? What is the real effect of pharmaceuticals?

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Let's see if we should work together.

  • Are you between the age of 30 and 70 years old

  • Are you scared of developing Gangrene 

  • Do you need increased energy and vitality

  • Is your well-being under threat?

  • Do you long for a life free of pain in your legs, calves and feet 

  • Do you want to prevent the potential loss of a  limbs 

  • Frustrated about the limitations on what to eat and what not to eat

You are ready for things to start falling in place — for you!

Reach your limitless potential and start seeing results today with the power of positive habits - are you ready to watch things fall into place for you?!

If you answered yes to two or more of the questions above, you are on the right place.

Let us team up and together give you the best life!

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Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"sugarcoated-diabetes has given me an amazing amount of knowledge on how to prevent falling into the trap of blood sugar spikes and I now have the clarity and guidance. Thank you for all the help!"

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